Treating Asthma with Acupuncture

Do You Know There Are Benefits Of Acupuncture For Asthma? In recent years, many and many people are turning to alternative treatment for asthma. Not just ordinary alternative asthma treatment, but using the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapy. Acupuncture is just one of them. Acupuncture for asthma symptoms has shown some benefit. Research in the past 15 years has proven the validity and effectiveness of this treatment for several illnesses. 

There are several reasons why you should consider acupuncture for asthma. Various health bodies are endorsing it. Acupuncture can treat symptoms. In 1979, the World Health Organization listed 40 diseases that acupuncture is effective in treating. Acupuncture for asthma and bronchitis was on that list. The University Hospital of Vienna did a study that showed that 70% of patients with asthma reported significant improvement in their symptoms after 10 weeks of acupuncture treatments. Scientists at a Chinese hospital conducted a study that reported an immediate effective rate of 98.9% after patients received acupuncture for asthma symptoms. The rate of remission also dropped significantly and there was improvement in 76.5% of patients.  

Will acupuncture reduce the dependency on drugs? As studies have shown, acupuncture for asthma patients has shown benefits. Also, these patients were able to reduce their dosage of asthma medication. It is not advisable to quit any medication cold turkey, and your doctor should be consulted if you want to make any changes to your medication. However, some asthma medications have undesirable short- and long-term effects. Finding a safe alternative to high dosage medications can be beneficial to your health and wallet.  

Is acupuncture being regulated? In 1996, the Federal Drug Administration determined through several studies that acupuncture needles were no longer "investigational medical devices" and were approved for use by "qualified practitioners." Each state has its own set of laws to regulate acupuncture and set up standards for qualified practitioners. In California, acupuncturists must graduate from an approved school, complete four years of academic education in the field, and pass a licensing examine. If you are seeking a qualified practitioner to perform acupuncture for asthma symptoms, be sure to do your homework and find out if the person is licensed by a state agency. Although it might sound sort of mystical, acupuncture for asthma symptoms has been shown to be effective and safe if done by a licensed practitioner. In fact, many health care plans will cover acupuncture. This treatment can be good way to treat asthma if you're not finding relief through more traditional methods.  

Of course the poking of needles into bodies is not everyone favorite thing to do during past time. But, just thinking of the long-effects of medication, acupuncture may just be another alternative asthma treatment. I have personally use acupuncture to treatment long-term sinus problem and it works. This may be your new paradigm shift in treating your asthma in the 21st century and now you can be part of it. Therefore, I strongly urged you to start your journey and get your asthma treated as soon as possible, if you are serious of getting back your asthma free life again.    

By Eddie Kong