Choosing an Acupuncturist

  • The State of Tennessee began licensing acupuncturists in 2003.  Dr Judi Harrick co-authored this legislation and spearheaded the process.   

  • To obtain an acupuncture licenses in Tennessee you have to have attended and an accredited (ACAOM) College of Oriental Medicine and taken National Board Exams (NCCAOM). 

  • ACAOM approval insures a well rounded education of at least 3 years duration in both Chinese and Western medical theory including a minimum of 700 clinical hours. In addition, Dr. Judi is the only PHD-level practitioner in the Midsouth. She has close to 5000 hours of study which includes an internship at Lincoln hosp in NY city and internship Chengdu, Sichuan, China. 

  • Most medical doctors and chiropractors who practice acupuncture have only 150-200 hours of total training. PT have literally a weekend class to do dry needling.  While their western medical background may provide additional benefits, they are not versed in the subtleties of TCM. 

  • Please feel free to ask about your prospective practitioners background and experience.

  • Finally, choose someone you feel comfortable with and who will answer your questions and willingly communicate expectations and feedback.