"I have two beautiful children after being told I would probably never get pregnant.  Dr. Judi treated me for 6 months with great results!" 
Melissa W. 
Memphis, TN 

 "I had several miscarriages and irregular cycles.  I was frustrated with western medicine not fixing my health issues.  So I tried acupuncture.  I felt better, my cycles regulated and last year I gave birth to a health baby boy.  I know acupuncture did this for me."  
Suellen M. 
Memphis, TN 

 "I could not leave my house in the spring and fall because of bad allergy symptoms.  Plus I was on multiple medicines and antibiotics.  Oriental medicine and acuouncture helped me tremendously.  My symptoms decreased and I'm off all of my medicines.  It's amazing!"  
E. Steele  
Greenwood, MS 

 "My husband couldn't walk after a fall.  His back was very painful.  His Dr. sent him to physical therapy which only seemed to aggravate it.  My sister suggested acupuncture and Dr. Harrick..  He was better after his first treatment."  
MA Holmes  
Memphis, TN 

 "Four years ago, I turned to acupuncture in an effort to help with my horrendous migraines.  I wish that I had been willing to try it years before, because it has made such an improvement in my life.  When I started with Dr. Harrick, I was getting 3 to 4 debilitating migraines a week despite taking many medications, from daily preventatives to very strong painkillers. At that point in my life, I was hesitant to make plans with friends because I never knew if I would be able to go out or if I would be home in bed with a throbbing head.  After beginning acupuncture treatment, my quality of life began improving very quickly.  I was able to take less and less medication and the strength and frequency of the headaches were diminishing. Now I get migraines at most every other month, and when I do get them they are much less intense.  Dr. Harrick gave me a great gift--the gift of being able to enjoy my life without migraines getting in the way."
Jennifer H.
Germantown, TN 

"I have long believed in alternative and supplemental therapies to Western medical treatments. Dr. Harrick's acupuncture treatments have been particularly effective in treating my sinus and migraine headaches, and I am grateful that I have not had to instead take cognition-impairing medication." - F. Taylor - Memphis, TN

"Acupuncturist and former Intensive Care Unit registered nurse Judi Harrick, PhD, Oriental Medicine, counts Western-trained medical doctors among her patients. Many believe that her dual training in Western and Eastern medical models resulted in her becoming an excellent diagnostician, as well as an advocate of alternative--and supplemental--therapies thousands of years old. From Memphis to Chicago to China, "Dr. Harrick hasn't simply followed her heart (her mother was an RN), but also her intellect. Through decades of practice and teaching, she has gained the respect of patients and peers alike."--Review by a longtime patient  F.T.

 "Thirteen years ago I was treated by Judi for the side effects of chemotherapy... I believe her work helped me tremendously through that year." D. Kaufman


"I began seeing Dr. Judi a few years ago, seeking natural relief from hot flashes and insomnia. I felt results after just one treatment. After a few more treatments, coupled with her recommendations for a natural supplement and diet routine, they went away. If I have a flare up, maybe once a year, I can repeat the routine. I am not a big fan of needles, however, she has really helped me overcome the fear with breathing techniques and interesting conversation. ;-) The needling only lasts a few minutes then it's time to relax. I find it's a wonderful excuse to get in an afternoon nap and I always feel so refreshed afterwards. Dr. Judi is a bright light and her healing way is a godsend for those of us suffering from peri/meno symptoms who want to avoid hormone replacement drugs. I give her a zillion stars." -Theresa A. 

"I dealt with serious neck pain that drugs could not control but with the help of Judi's skills and her encouragement I am back to a normal busy life. 5+!"  -S. Moore


"Having a wonderful experience with Dr. Harrick. My issues are addressed thoroughly and with respect and I'm getting great results. Acupuncture seems to be a solution for me and I highly recommend her."-Lynn L.

"Dr. Judi is the absolute BEST......I have been suffering with back pain for over two years and she has helped me enormously. I always feel so much better after her treatments. She is more than a practioner, she has become a friend and she truly cares about her patients on a professional and personal level. I love how she makes me feel and the great conversations we have.....I look forward to seeing her and always leave feeling better and happier when I leave her. She has made me a believer in acupuncture. If your thinking about trying it then go see Dr. Judi Harrick." - Joan M.  

"Dr. Judi Harrick is amazing! It seems like there is nothing that acupuncture can't improve and Dr. Judi is the best in town. She listens to everything I say and really thinks about the best treatment approach. She has helped me with a wide variety of ailments over some years, and I am always delighted with the results. Dr. Harrick studied acupuncture in China and was the force behind Tennessee's acupuncture certification requirements. Her office/treatment rooms are warm and welcoming, and Dr. Judi makes it all so easy. I will always try acupuncture for any medical problems I might have before resorting to other treatments and I would never go to anyone besides Dr. Harrick. She is friendly and knowledgeable and I always know I am in the very best hands. I highly recommend her!" -S.R. Memphis 

"I highly recommend treatment by Dr. Harrick. Last fall, I was given a negative diagnosis from doctors who were certain that drastic surgery was the only answer. Thankfully, Dr. Harrick had another way: acupuncture, herbs, "homework", and laughter. I am now sympton free (confirmed by ultrasound) and share her contact information freely." -M.C. (Memphis)


" Before I moved to Memphis in 1997, I contacted the National Association of Acupuncture to find a board-certified Acupuncturist and was told there was only one in Memphis that was board-certified: Dr Judi Harrick! I have been a patient of hers for the last 10 years. She has helped me overcome various ailments, and has kept me healthy and happy through her incredible insight and knowledge of TCM. I recommend her highly." Shelia B